Organic Mighty Miso Soup with Tofu & Ginger

£ 2.85

  • Organic
  • Gluten-Free
  • Wheat-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • 60g
  • 6 sachets

Miso is a live fermented food made from soybeans. it is considered to have many health benefits when eaten on a regular basis and is a great source of easily digestible protein and minerals. King Soba Organic Mighty Miso Soup with tofu is delicious, convenient and nutritious. Eat Mighty Miso daily and feel great!

Ingredients: Organic red miso 82% (organic soya beans, organic brown rice, starter culture aspergillusoryzae), organic tamari (organic soya, sea salt), organic tofu 4% (organic soya beans), organic onion, organic ginger 1%, organic spring onions, wakame, sea salt.


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Weight 70 g


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